Ask any cat owner, and they’ll tell you cats are better than dogs. Is there any truth to this claim? We believe so. Here are ten reasons why cats are better than dogs. If you disagree, read our previous blog post, why dogs are better than cats!

1. Cats don’t need a doggy bag. Self cleaning litter boxes are a thing, and they are amazing.

2. Cats are lower maintenance. No 3 AM bathroom breaks here, folks. Cats are fairly self sufficient.

3. Cats don’t drool. Their tongues may feel like sandpaper, but you’ll rarely get licked by a cat.

4. Cats are as a social or anti-social as you need them to be. Cats can interact as little or as much with you as they please. There’s no need to entertain them!

5. Cats always encourage Netflix binges over exercise. Hate going for runs or long walks? Cats are definitely better than dogs for you!

6. Cat owners, based on a research study, are generally smarter than dog owners . Science.

7. Cats are cheaper to own than dogs. More money, more problems. Or something like that.

8. Cats don’t bark! Your neighbors won’t leave angry notes complaining about your cat barking all day!

9. Cats can reduce stress, and lower your chance for having a heart attack. The same study did not find the same results in dog owners.

10. Kittens are easier to house train than puppies. The first few months of owning a puppy is challenging to say the least. However, a kitten is pretty good to go on day one.

What are your thoughts? Tell us on the Evolve Facebook page! If you want to see both sides of the argument, read our latest blog post, “10 Reasons Why People Like Dogs More Than Cats” now!