Have you ever wondered if your cat loves you? It’s a common misconception that most cats don’t love their owners but it turns out they just have UNIQUE ways of showing it. We’ve rounded up 10 surprising ways your cat shows you they love you.

 Biting and Nibbling 

What may seem like aggression, biting and nibbling on your fingers or hands, is actually a sign of love! Yes, this form of affection is painful, but keep in mind your cat is not trying to hurt you, rather show you extreme love in the best way they know how.

Follows Your Every Move

Do you ever notice your cat following you around everywhere you go? Whether you’re going to the bathroom or trying to catch up on sleep, privacy is not feasible when you have a cat at home. For cats, being near their owners 24/7 means they just really, really like you!

Rubs Against You

When your kitty-cat can’t get enough of your legs, it’s a sign of true love. Cats transfer their scent when they rub up against something - claiming it (or you 😉) as their own. 


Cats love to knead. Also known as ‘making biscuits.’ When you notice your cat kneading, ultimately this means they are feeling loved, relaxed, and content. Don’t be surprised if your cat comes up to you and starts kneading, this just means they adore you very much! 

Purrs When You Pet Them

When your cat purrs in your presence, this is a way of them expressing how much they love and enjoy you. 

Belly rubs or brushing your cat’s mane, are two popular ways to get your cat to purr. 

Sleeps With You

Cat’s won’t sleep near or on people they aren’t fond of. End of story. It isn’t until they are fully trusting of someone that they will fall into a deep sleep with you.

You may want to invest in a bigger bed so you and your feline have more room to sprawl out and not be bothered by each other.

Vocal Meows

Did you know meowing is a way for cats to communicate with humans? It’s rare for cats to meow at other cats or strangers; therefore, if a cat is vocally meowing at you, that means they like you. 

A loud, long meow could translate to, “MOM! I’m hungry, feed me.

Staring & Long Slow Blinks

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? If you ever catch your furry friend staring at you, wide-eyed, this is because they trust you. Cats will only stare at people they find trustworthy. Eye-contact is often paired with a long, slow blink, which is referred to as a kiss in kitty body language. 

Brings You Gifts

No better way to tell someone you care about them than by presenting them with your prey...right? Well, for cats that is true! This is because in the wild, food is a precious commodity, and most of a cat's time is spent hunting. If you’re ever gifted with a dead mouse, take it as a positive gesture, not your next meal. 


Licking is another common way cats show their affection. Typically, felines groom people that they are extremely fond of, so if your cat is tickling with its tongue, it means they are marking you as part of their family.  

As you can see, cats express love and affection in very unique ways. Have your own funny stories to share? Send them our way on social media—we’d love to hear them!

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