These last few weeks have given most of us some extra time at home and taken us outside of our comfort zones. Daily routines look different, we haven’t been able to see the ones we love, and the parks we use to travel to have been closed. Instead of letting negative energy build, we challenge you to take this time as a chance to reflect on what matters most and set aside time each day to practice mindfulness. 

Follow these three tips, and you’ll be on your way to a more positive mindset before you know it! 

1) Set an intention for each of your walks.

If you’ve practiced yoga, you might be familiar with the concept of setting an intention. Many instructors will ask you to do this at the start of each class. Intentions serve as a powerful reminder of what you’re hoping to bring (or bring more of) into your life. You can set your intention to anything you choose! Maybe you’d like to focus on forgiveness or being a better friend. Whatever intention you set for your next dog walk, if your mind wanders, try to focus on your intention. This focussed attention will help increase your mindfulness.

2) Start each morning with a stretch.

It’s time we take a tip or two from our pets. You may have noticed that your pets start their day with a big full-body stretch and yawn. This helps wake their entire body and prepare them for the day after a restful sleep. Oftentimes, we feel the pressure to jump right into our days, without giving our bodies the chance to catch up first. Tomorrow, after you hit the snooze button, give this 8-minute stretch routine a try before pouring up your morning coffee. You might be surprised at how connected you feel to your body throughout the day as a result!

3) Send a letter to someone you love.

Know your pack, love your pack. Every day our pets show us, unconditional love. Dogs naturally operate with a pack mentality. Every animal has a special role, and they’re better together. This week, take time to recognize who makes you better and show them some love! Journaling and letter writing are great ways to reflect on your day, keep your values top-of-mind, and remain present. So send that letter, and let your pack know how much they mean to you. 🐾

These are just a few of our favorite ways to focus on mindfulness. What are yours? Have you found ways to add value to your life through reflection focusing on being present? If so, we’d love to hear them!

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