Imagine this: you’re eating a delicious hamburger, but can’t get that whimpering sound out of your ear. Sure enough, your doggo is sitting right in front of you, just aching for a taste of that delicious sandwich. We’ve all be there. It’s easy to give into the temptation of giving them just a bite. After all, they are the goodest good boys and girls around. But, it may not be the best decision you can make for them.

Sure, it’s plenty biased for a pet food company to say that you shouldn’t feed your pet human food.

HOWEVER, MOST HUMAN FOOD IS TOO OILY AND FATTY FOR DOGS TO EAT. The processed nature of the food we eat might be bad for the digestive systems of our beloved pets.

For instance: chicken is an excellent source of protein and is in many of our recipes. However, the only person that should be eating your Grandma’s famous fried chicken is you, not your pup. The way it is cooked and processed may be unhealthy for your dog.

There can be many health complications from pets eating human food. In fact, over 24,262 pets were treated over the holidays in 2011 for complications from eating human food (such as Thanksgiving turkey). Many of these dogs suffered from vomiting, diarrhea, pancreatitis, gastric foreign bodies, and more.

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