When it comes to your diet, one size does NOT fit all. So why treat your pets any differently? With so much hype in the media over grain-free this and raw-diets that, sometimes it’s hard to distinct trends from the facts.

Here at Sunshine Mills we never trade integrity for fads. That’s why for more than 50 years, Sunshine Mills has proudly served carefully designed dog food and treats that fit the needs of your growing pets. From vegetarian fusions that are low in fat and sodium, to high-performance blends with Omega 6 and Omega 3, our unique combinations contain high-quality ingredients like proteins, complex carbs, veggies, vitamins and minerals—the same diet you serve your family!

Each of our products is specifically made with your pets in mind. Different pets have different needs, so we make sure to provide the most nutritious and well-balanced mixtures that will satisfy pets of all sizes and stages of life.

Is your dog or cat a hunting, sport or working pet? Try our “Sportman’s Pride” formula. With high quality proteins and wholesome grains, it is guaranteed to help your pets achieve their desired goals.

Does your pup have sensitive skin or stomach issues? Switch your dog to a scientifically blended and balanced diet like the EVOLVE blend. All these products use real meat and are free from corn, wheat and soy for pets with food sensitivities.

Concerned that your adult dog isn’t receiving the nutrition he or she needs? With the right balance of proteins, phosphorous and calcium, your senior dog will be satisfied, but also healthy! Try serving your pet LASSIE—a super-premium line of food and treats specifically formulated for adult dogs.

No matter what stage of life, Sunshine Mills can provide a balanced diet that meets your dog or cat’s specific needs. From puppy to senior, choosing Sunshine Mills is the perfect start. To learn more about each of our lines of premium food and treats, click here.