One of the hardest habits to break, especially for active working dogs, is leash pulling. These dogs are built and trained for all-day stamina, they’re not naturally great about staying calm. With hard work, patience, and positive reinforcement, you’ll see a change in your dog before you know it!

Have Patience

This isn’t something that your dog will pick up immediately. While it typically doesn’t take 

too long for working dogs to learn, it is important to remain patient if you don’t notice 

immediate results. Your dog is smart and wants to please you. In time, not pulling on the lead will become the norm for them.  

Be Consistent

Consistency is key. If you try multiple methods with your dog without dedicating the majority of your training time to one style, your dog will become confused and you will make it harder for them to remember the method that works best for both of you. 

As shown in our video, we recommend the method of taking the lead and tying one loose half hitch around the flank before leading your dog. After a few times of practicing this with them, they will stop pulling on the lead.


You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again, practice makes perfect. This skill will not 

be mastered overnight. Take time to practice this technique with your dog, and remember, all dogs learn at different speeds. Just because one of your champion dogs understood this method quickly, doesn’t mean all the dogs you’re training will learn at the same rate. 

Use Positive Reinforcements 

One of the quickest ways to teach any dog something new is to incorporate positive reinforcements. A “Good Boy” and small treat will go a long way.

If one of your dogs is having a harder time mastering this skill than the others, try using pieces of cut up meat for treats. For dogs that are less food motivated, they will need higher quality treats to be motivated.


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