We all have the friend, spouse, parent, sibling, or whoever that loves their dog more than anything (or anyone) else! It can be difficult to find good presents for someone who loves their pup more than words can describe, so we decided to give some inspiration to you!



This treat dispenser has a camera, meaning that if you want to say hi to your pup while at work, you can!


If their pup has lots of energy, help them get in valuable exercise time with a tennis ball launcher!Launchers like this one are cheap, and can throw a ball 2-3x longer than normal, meaning more exercise for pups.



A quintessential gift for the dog owner is a dog frisbee! These frisbees are designed to be easier for pups to catch, and harder for them to destroy, meaning fun for everyone!



Does their pup shed a lot? Like, a lot? The Furminator is a great tool to help decrease shedding and make cleaning easier!



Hear us out. Dogs are amazing, but also can be a little messy. Getting a Roomba, or another type of automatic vacuum cleaner can help cut back on fur laying around the house, and other messes they may make. Plus, you can always attach a speaker to it and live out your Parks and Recreation dreams.



What better present for a dog lover than peace of mind? All Evolve treats are made in the USA, and are made with super premium ingredients. Take 20% off all Evolve Treats with code XMAS20, now through December. Shop here! 

Have a great Christmas, and best of luck shopping for the dog lover in your life!