With the humanization of pets today, pet owners want absolute assurance that the pet food they purchase for their “loved ones” is safe no matter where the products are sourced, raised or manufactured. Retailers also recognize the importance behind making their products safe and want assurance that their suppliers are successfully demonstrating their ability to manufacture safe, quality food. Sunshine Mills, Inc. recognized the prominence of producing safe foods, successfully completed extensive research, and chose the SQF Certification Program, which is one of the most globally recognized food safety programs in the world.

The SQF Program has 3 levels of certification, and we at Sunshine Mills are extremely proud to proclaim that we have attained level 3 certification, which is the highest level available! This means that Sunshine Mills, Inc. is successfully producing pet foods and treats at the highest level available for food safety and quality. Level 3 achievement is the same level of certification that is required for manufacturing foods for human consumption, which is why we are so thrilled to offer our customers the same standard. While we are proud of our accomplishments, we continuously strive for the betterment of our programs, which is why our Quality Assurance Team is still tirelessly working to further improve our processes for producing safe, quality food.

As a pet owner, you can be assured that the Sunshine Mills products you purchase can be done so with absolute confidence knowing that we apply the same standards of manufacturing to the food you feed your pets as to the food you feed your families!