When it comes to summer, we know that many parts of the country experience high temperatures throughout the entire day. Add a fur coat on top of that, and you’re really sweating. We know (or at least hope), your dog’s bowl is filled with Triumph Pet Food for dinner, but what about snacks throughout the day? 

Here are some safe foods and snack ideas that can help keep your dog cool in the summer, despite the rising heat index.  


Nothing is quite as satisfying on a hot day as a juicy slice of watermelon, and our dogs agree. Just don’t feed them the rind or the seeds, which are difficult for dogs to digest. Watermelon provides a big boost to the health of the immune system, helps regulate blood sugar, and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. 

Dog eating watermelon

It also contains vitamins C, B-6, K and E, as well as folate, potassium, and manganese. Each bite of watermelon contains about 92 percent water, so this will be sure to keep them hydrated as well. 

Dog "Ice Cream"

Real ice cream is not healthy for dogs. The excess dairy can cause upset stomachs, plus there is too much sugar. There are different types of healthy dog “ice cream” out there you can buy that they will love. However, if you want to make your own version, here’s how: 

You will need 1 ripe banana, 8 ounces of plain yogurt and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. Mix the ingredients in a blender or food processor, and pour the mixture in three or four plastic containers and freeze overnight. Make sure you supervise your pup when you serve them so they don’t eat too much at one time. 

Dog eating ice cream

Puppy Ice Pops

A frozen “pop” for your dogs is easy to make, and will keep them occupied. Simply freeze chicken broth (fat-free, low-sodium, no onion ingredients) overnight in an ice cube tray or mini muffin pan.You can feed a few alone as treats to your dog, or try placing on top of the water bowl for enhancing flavor. 

Dog eating popsicle

Frozen Kong Stuffing

The Kong is a wonderful stuffable dog toy that, when filled appropriately, can occupy just about any dog. There’s virtually no end to what you can put in this toy. You can experiment with plain yogurt, bananas, canned pumpkin (no more than a tablespoon) or peanut butter. Place the Kong in the freezer for at least two hours before serving.

This will again keep your dog occupied, while also providing them with a cool treat.

Dog carrying toy in mouth

Refrigerated Dog Food

Your pup already loves the taste of Free Spirit Dog Food. Why not beat the heat by keeping a can in the fridge to serve cold rather than serving from the pantry? The delicious flavors and cool temperature will leave your dog feeling satisfied and cool. 

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