Seriously. If you ask a group of diverse people of all sorts of backgrounds and beliefs, we can all bond over a mutual love of dogs. But, there is a difference between loving dogs and owning one. Let’s talk about some of the things us crazy dog owners know and understand, but others may not.

1. You accidentally talk to small children like they’re a dog.

“Who’s a good boy?! You are!”


2. You have a lint brush in your car for after you say goodbye to your dog before you go to work for the day.

Any collie owners out there that can relate?

3. You don’t bother cleaning your car, because you know that sometime next week you may have to bring your dog with you somewhere.

Want to always be able to find mud or puddles? Get a dog.


4. You know better than to leave food on your table unattended.

Rookie move.

5. There are more pictures of your dog on your phone than of you or anyone else you know.

And you prefer it that way.

6. You silently judge people who own cats. Or maybe not so silently.

“Any dog under fifty pounds is a cat, and cats are pointless.” - Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation

7. Your Friday night plans involve a Netflix binge and dog-cuddles on the couch.

And your dog probably has a favorite TV show.

8. You always find the dog at the party.


9. You follow more than one dog account on Instagram.

And you probably have post notifications set for Doug the Pug.

10. You know that you’ll always have a best friend.
Man’s best friend for a reason.