We love these crazy, fluffy, obnoxious, scattered animals so much, and many people who don’t own cats just don’t get it. People who don’t own cats don’t know what it’s like to hear them running around the house at 3 AM, to find them in the strangest places, or to be woken up by their purring every morning. So here’s to you, cat owner, and some things you understand, but other people might not.

1. You respond to your cat’s meows in a conversation-like manner.

It usually goes, “Meow”, “No, I just fed you. I know you’re not starving.”

2. You are never able to go to the bathroom alone. Ever.

Why do cats never want to be held until the one moment you want some privacy?!

3. Waking up at 3 AM hearing your cat running around the house for no reason is a common occurrence.

In fact, you can probably just count on it happening, and be pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t.

4. You know your cats only want attention when you are busy.

Or when you walk into the kitchen to get yourself food.

5. You have a lint brush in your car to wipe off cat fur.

Long haired cat owners, we love our fur babies, but we also know it’s necessary to be prepared.

6. You see a cardboard box and think about how much your cat would like that more than the $40 toy you just bought them.

Unless you want them to like the cardboard box. Then they’ll probably ignore it.

7. You have more than one article of clothing with a cat involved.

And your Amazon order history may be a little embarrassing as a result.


8. You don’t wear clothes with zippers or other “danglies” at home.

It’s just best to not.

9. You know that your cats are always going to act like they’re starving. Even if they just ate five minutes ago.

Fun fact! This is actually due to a psychological illness within cats!

10. You post more pictures of your cat on social media than anything else.

Because deep down, we know our kittens are purrfect, and we wouldn't want them any other way.