Have big summer plans? Maybe you’re going to take a trip to the beach. Perhaps you’re going to explore in the mountains. Or, if you’re really lucky, you’re taking the fam to Disney World! Count us as jealous.

While you probably don’t want your pup with you in line for Space Mountain, there are many great places to vacation with your dog! If you’re going to a dog friendly vacation spot, here’s a few reasons why you absolutely should take your best friend with you.

Dog Sitters Are Expensive

The options here are not great. Doggy Day Care or boarders are expensive, and if things go poorly there, you’re far away. The other option is to leave your four-legged pal at home, under the care of your neighbor’s teenage kid who PROMISES to check in on them every couple of hours. But let’s be honest, the kid probably is just in it for a few extra bucks and a place to throw a party while you’re gone. Don’t come home to a sad pup and high-school party, just take your pup with you.

More and More Places Are Becoming Dog Friendly

Restaurants, local businesses, and vacation destinations are learning something we all knew a long time ago: dogs are awesome. As such, they’re welcoming our pups after decades of closed doors. We’ve all been to the coffee cafe with our dog just to have the barista run out and greet our dog while we wait to order our morning joe. Help make the barista’s day, bring your dog with you on vacation.

Exploring is Fun!

You know the expression, “adventure is out there”? Well, it is. There’s so much of our world you and your pup haven’t seen yet. Go enjoy it together! Set goals on exploring: visit all 50 states with your dog, watch a sunrise together, go for a walk on the beach… Whatever floats your boat!

Increased Opportunity to Socialize

Pet socialization is incredibly important. You should definitely bring your dog with you if your dog is young, as forming good behaviors and socialization habits are incredibly important. Getting your pup used to new situations, people, and environments is incredibly important. Socializing while on vacation and spending lots of time together gives you an excellent opportunity to develop your pup safely.

Make New Friends

The dog community is full of wonderful people. Visiting dog parks and destinations in different cities gives you the opportunity to meet new people, get the inside scoop on local hotspots, and avoid the tourist traps. While your dog is having a blast with other dogs, you can kick back and enjoy the company of people you’d otherwise have never met.

The Instagram Content, Of Course.

If you go on vacation and didn’t post about it on Instagram, did you really go on vacation? Probably not. But, you can step up your Instagram game by posting pictures of your pup and you exploring and having the time of your life. It’s a scientifically proven fact (don’t quote us on it, though) that people like pictures of dogs more than pictures without dogs. And if they don’t like pictures with dogs in them, do you really need that kind of negativity in your life?

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