It’s National Hot Dog Month, and we are dedicated to raising awareness for this social movement. It’s very sad that we have to create a month focusing on raising awareness for hot dogs, yet here we are. Please, please use your common sense and NEVER leave a dog in a hot car! Only you can prevent hot dogs, and remove the need for National Hot Dog Month.

Graphic showing the heat inside a car compared to outside temperatures.

Okay, so maybe National Hot Dog Month is focused on the food, and not overheated pets, but we need to ask ourselves, which is more important?

Dogs can start suffering from heat exhaustion at just 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Cars trap heat, meaning that if it’s 75 degrees out, the car interior can be well over 115 degrees in a matter of minutes. Dogs also have a fur coat, so even being outside for extended periods of time can be dangerous. It’s estimated that several hundred dogs die in the United States due to heat exhaustion each year.

Help us reclaim National Hot Dog Month, and spread awareness to help save our pets! Share this blog on social media using #EndNationalHotDogMonth, and tell your friends!